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This site is focused broadly on all descendants of John Denboe, an indentured servant who came to the Crown Colony of Maryland in about the year 1664. Also, it maintains a special emphasis on the descendants of John Denbow (1797-1862) and his brother Bazeleel (1795-1857), early pioneers in the hills of Southeastern Ohio, as well as the descendants of Jón Jónsson (1841-1934) of Dalasýsla, Iceland, who was an Icelandic immigrant to Canada and now has progeny throughout North America.


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201 Book: Bobo Family History, Draft Manuscript, Revised June 1990 byCharles Henry Bobo contains this notation: Died 1 August 1852, Aged11 years. Brine, Elihu (I679)
202 Book: Bobo Family History, Draft Manuscript, Revised June 1990 byCharles Henry Bobo states Almon died January 21, 1838 or 1858, aged 7years, 5 months. Brine, Almon (I678)
203 Book: Bobo Family History, Draft Manuscript, Revised June 1990 byCharles Henry Bobo states the epitaph of this child could not be read. Brine (I677)
204 Book: Bobo Family History, Draft Manuscript, Revised June 1990 byCharles Henry Bobo, states in the new cemetery in McArthur there is agrave on the Clements lot for 'Mother Bobo', Margaret Bobo, 25Decenber 1812 --22 March 1896. which could be the grave of Ezekiel'ssecond wife. Brown, Margaret (I705)
205 Book: Cemeteries of Crawford County, Ohio. Vol. 3, Lists Sherer,Maude, DOB 22 April 1871, DOD 2 September 1899, Daughter of W.A.Sampson and Nancy C. James, Husband Sherer, Samuel R., buried in LukeCemetery on Cox Road in Sandusky Township,Rt. 176, Crawford County,Ohio. Sampson, Maude (I3713)
206 Book: Marriages in Crawford County, Ohio (1831-1989) lists themarriage of Bertha B. Sherer daughter of Francis to Benjamin Collins,son of Francis M. on 8 August 1895. Vol. 13, Page 181. Collins, Francis M. (I875)
207 Book: Marriages in Crawford County, Ohio (1831-1989). Sherer Adam M.DOM 29 November 1903. Heckart, Edith M. Vol. 16, Page 84. According toRobert Henderson Sharp 'Uncle Add' was a religious fanatic, a 'nut'.Bob and Tad, his wife, went to visit them once and Uncle Add and hiswife did not invite them into the house. The Sherers came outside totalk and Bob and Tad sat in the car during the entire visit. Sherer, Adam Monroe (I3912)
208 Book: Marriages in Vinton County, Ohio 1850-1870 by Mary J. Hixon andFrances Hixon. Morris Sharp and Sina L. Hill 12 December 1861. U.S.Census 1870, Vinton County, Ohio, Madison Township, page 129. MorrisSharp, age 34, is listed as living with Thomas Sharp. He 'works onfarm' and was born in Ohio. He has no wife listed. The date of birthwas given to me by Sherry Hunter Strickland in a letter dated 21March 1995. The information came from the family records of her UncleBill. Sharp, Morris (I3865)
209 Book: Marriages of Crawford County, Ohio (1831-1989). Sherer, SamuelR. son of Francis, DOM 20 December1888. Stanley Nellie. Vol. 12, Page039. Book: Marriages of Crawford County, Ohio (1831-1989). Sherer,Samuel R. son of Francis M., DOM 15 April 1896. Sampson, Maudedaughter of W. A.Vol. 13, Page 238. Book: Marriages of CrawfordCounty, Ohio(1831-1989). Sherer, Samuel Richard, DOM 12 May 1902.Frank, Anna Marie. Vol.15, Page 471. Book: Cemeteries of CrawfordCounty, Ohio, Oakwood Cemetery , Bucyrus, Ohio Samuel R. Sherer,Burial Number 10405, Location: Sec/Lot: R/39. Sherer, Samuel Richard (I3983)
210 Book: The Bobo Family History , Draft Manuscript, Revised June 1990,by Charles Henry Bobo quotes David H. Bobo as saying that Gabriel Boboowned a sizeable farm just west of Albany, Ohio. The farm is shown onearly land maps. He was apparently quite well off. Anise Wilson,Gabriel's grandaughter, who was 91 in 1964 says that 'Gabriel's houseis still standing, something like a mile from the Townhouse Church'.The barn is built of glazed cement blocks. Gabriel's marriage toMatilda Dailey was performed by his brother-in-law, Jonatahn Brine. Bobo, Gabriel G. (I521)
211 Book: The Bobo Family History , Draft Manuscript, Revised June 1990by Charles Henry Bobo, page 3-7 states the marriage record is fromAthens County, Ohio, Vol.1/2, page 147. The marriage was performed byJonathan Brine, the bride's brother-in-law. Bobo, Jemima (I548)
212 Book: The Bobo Family History, Draft Manuscript, Revised June 1990 byCharles H. Bobo page 3-5 states Rebecca's death notice indicates thatshe died of ersipeleas. Marriage Record, Athens County, Ohio Vol. 3,page 246. Adams, Rebecca (I85)
213 Book: The Bobo Family History, Draft Manuscript, Revised June 1990 byCharles Henry Bobo page 3-6 states this couple was married by Rev.Jonathan Brine, the groom's brother-in-law. Bobo, Jacob (I537)
214 Book: The Bobo Family History, Draft Manuscript, Revised June 1990 byCharles Henry Bobo, page 3-5 states that Benson is buried next toGabriel and Matilda Bobo. His military stone identifies him as in Co.B, 141 Ohio Infantry. Anise Wison, Gabriel's grandaughter, says thatBenson contracted typhoid while in the Army and was hauled fromCincinnati to Albany (Ohio) in a wagon. He reached home alive, butdied soon after. He was unmarried. Bobo, Benson (I490)
215 Book: Who, Where, When, Volume 2, Jefferson County, PA., by Patricia Steele. December 22, 1884 Margaret Doney wife of Jason Doney Jr. died near Emerickville; she was 32 years, 4 months, and 6 days. Margaret (I2985)
216 Books can be ordered from:
Catherine Foreaker Fedorchak
Monroe Chapter OGS
P.O. Box641, Woodsfield, Ohio 43793 
Source (S20)
217 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3312)
218 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2501)
219 BOWLING Ardyce S. Bowling, 102, of Columbus, passed away Wednesday, December 21, 2011 at Friendship Village. He was born September 14, 1909 in Bluefield, VA, son of the late Clinton and Matilda Hayes Bowling. In addition to his parents, Ardyce was preceded in death by his wife Wilma Snider Bowling and twelve siblings. A graduate of Wellston High School, and Wilmington College, he received a Masters of Education from Ohio University in 1952. Ardyce held the rank of Assistant Professor at Ohio University until he retired in 1975, at which time he was awarded emeritus status. His career in Education spanned 47 years. He was also a long time member of the First United Methodist Church, Athens. Ardyce is survived by his son, Dr. John (Jan) Bowling; daughters, Sarah (David) Kraft and Nanci (Robert) Kirkpatrick; grand-children, Rob Kirkpatrick, Heather Shannon, Jack, James, and Jason Bowling and ten great-grand-children. Visitation will be Thursday, December 29, 2011 from 4-8 p.m. at North Broadway United Methodist Church, 48 E. North Broadway, Columbus. Funeral service will be Friday, December 30, 2011 at 10 a.m. at the church. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the church. Arrangements have been entrusted to NEWCOMER FUNERAL HOME NE CHAPEL, 3047 E. Dublin-Granville Rd., Columbus. To leave a special message for the family please visit www.NewcomerColumbus.com
Published in The Columbus Dispatch on Dec. 25, 2011 
Bowling, Ardyce Saul (I654)
220 Bride is supposed to be older than the groom by several years. Placeof Residence: Sudderville, Maryland. Godfrey, Molly (I2019)
221 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I4705)
222 Brush Creek was later called Arlington Thompson, Zachariah (I4325)
223 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I4093)
224 built big farm house on outskirts of Woodsfield on State Route 78. The house is on the left side of the road as you approach Woodsfield coming from Lewisville. His sons helped him build the house in the late 1890s. Denbow, James Tanner (I4837)
225 Burgher of Pilghausen, Germany. Scharff, Jacobus (I3733)
226 Buried State Line Cemetery, Highways 231/431 on the Alabama/Tennessee border. Bobo, Benjamin Harrison 'Harry' (I489)
227 By the time of diagnosis, his lung cancer had spread to the brain. He received a few weeks of chemotherapy and died as a result of septicemia (blood infection), secondary to the treatment itself. That is, his immune system did not recover from the effects of the chemotherapy, which allowed the infection to run wild [There was some disagreement among his doctors whether the brain or the lung cancer were primary.] Denbow, Carl Herbert (I1049)
228 Calis,,Ohio,USA Hickman, Eiza Jane (I2304)
229 Came to USA about 1863. According to the notes of Matilda HunterSaunders (July 1937), Only five children survive with manygrandchildren. By the time these notes were made both Matilda andDouglass were dead. Hunter, Matilda (I2482)
230 Came to USA about 1863. According to Vivian Doney Reid, Ellen lived inPunxsutawney, Pa. When she died they had to take her casket out thewindow because they couldn't make the turn through the door. She usedto tell really wild, exciting stories. Caroline Doney said she madethem up. She never married. She was friends with Grandma CarolineDoney. She was very tiny. Hunter, Ellen (I2463)
231 Came to USA about 1863. Marital Status: Never married. Hunter, Johnnie Thesecond (I2471)
232 Came to USA circa 1863. According to the notes of Matilda Hunter Saunders (July 1937) Lizzie and her family are all dead except for Sam, Jr. She is survived by 3 grandchildren and several greatgrandchildren. Hunter, Lizzie Mary (I2476)
233 Can't make out last digit in birthdate. Looks like '0', but it isplaced between and 1853 and 1857 birth in a list that is otherwise inchronological order. Denbow, Hariet (I1163)
234 Cancer Center,,Texas,USA Denbow, Hazel Irene (I1176)
235 Capt. Brook's Company Denbow, George Washington (I1154)
236 Card in the possession of Gretchen Valentine in memory of Mrs. AnnaKruse, Died December 28, 1890, Age 72 years. Certified Copy of DeathCertificate. The State of Ohio, Ottawa County. Date of Record July22, 1891. No. 132. Name in Full, Anna Kruse; Date of Death: Year 1890,Month, December, Day, 28; Condition: Married, Widowed, Single,widowed; Age: Years, 72, Months, 4, Days, 24; Place of Death, Blank;Place of Birth, Europe; Occupation, Housewife; Name of Parents, blank;Color, white; Cause of Death, Old age; Last place of Residence: PortClinton, Ottawa County, Ohio. Record of Deaths, Vol. 1869-1893, Page92, Court of Common Pleas, Probate Division, Port Clinton, OttawaCounty, Ohio. Record St. John's Lutheran Church, Port Clinton, Ohio.Received 7 April 1995. Death, blank; Burial, 30 December 1890; Name,Anna Kruse; Age, 72y 4m 22d. Maria, Anna (I2989)
237 Cariie had five sisters and two brothers. Lytle, Carrie (I2929)
238 Carl Denbow has marriage date to Sarah Kelly as 1882. Billman, John Hamilton (I389)
239 Carl,
There is a Martha Denbow in the Summit Township, Monroe County, Ohio 1860 census, 10 years of age. She is in the Basil Denbow household, with wife Ruth. The 1870 census has Robert Scott age 22, Martha, age 19and a 9m old. There is a Martha Scott and Robert Scott in the Bracken Ridge Church Cemetery, Martha born June 30, 1850, died June 16, 1922. Robert, born 1844, died November 10, 1879. Birth year for Robert not same, but it does look like it is the same couple. Is the the Martha you are looking for?Martha Griffin 
Source (S93)
240 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2037)
241 Caroline Hartzell was from Hawthorne, PA. when she married AaronHolben. Hartzell, Caroline (I2195)
242 Catharina Hauer, Frederick's wife, was his first cousin. DAR PatriotIndex, Frederick, b. 1747; d. 24 Jan 1815; m. Catherine Hauer, Pvt.in Pa. Dunkelberger, Frederick (I1667)
243 Cause of death is listed as "bronchiagenic carcinoma of the lung." Koetz, John Wesley (I2721)
244 Cause of death listed on death certificate is: Ludwig's angina, secondary to myocarditis. Taylor, Richard E. (I4277)
245 cause of death was a head or neck injury Barton, Thomas Sharp (I5220)
246 cause of death was accidental drowning Barton, Kenneth Olin (I5351)
247 cause of death was chronic nephritis. Gigax, Frederick Jr. (I1980)
248 Cause of death was double pneumonia and other complications. Other sources say she died at Ohio State University Medical Center. Denbow, Beth Ann (I1040)
249 cause of death was lung cancer Byrne, John Hill (I5791)
250 cause of death: "sudden" mycardial infarction, caused by acute coronary occlusion Neidemeyer, Agnes (I3286)

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