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This site is focused broadly on all descendants of John Denboe, an indentured servant who came to the Crown Colony of Maryland in about the year 1664. Also, it maintains a special emphasis on the descendants of John Denbow (1797-1862) and his brother Bazeleel (1795-1857), early pioneers in the hills of Southeastern Ohio, as well as the descendants of Jón Jónsson (1841-1934) of Dalasýsla, Iceland, who was an Icelandic immigrant to Canada and now has progeny throughout North America.


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51 According to the notes of Sherry Hunter Strickland (letter dated 21March 1995) Thomas' first name was Joshua, not Thomas. Sharp, Thomas Joshua (I3892)
52 According to the obituary of Esther Mae Reid, she was survived by onesister and preceded in death by six brothers and sisters. Brooks, Daniel (I695)
53 According to the recollection of Kathryn Tadsen Sharp, Doris was ateacher of foreign languages. Wenger, Doris (I4508)
54 According to the recollection of Kathryn Tadsen Sharp, Pauline was amusic teacher. Wenger, Pauline (I4512)
55 According to the recollections of Kathryn Tadsen Sharp, Grandma Tadsen usually wore no teeth. She always wore a black ribbon with a cameo on it around her neck and her gray hair was tied up in a knot. Each day she read a German newspaper and she used a magnifying glass to see the words. She never wore glasses. Knudsen, Doris Elizabeth (I2711)
56 According to the recollections of Robert Henderson Sharp, Bob was abusinessman and lived in Weston, Ohio. U.S. Census 1880, Wood County,Ohio, Village of Weston, page 216, enumeration date, 1 June 1880,dwelling no. 8, family no. 8. Henderson, Robert D., male, 32, married,hardware merchant, POB PA, POBM &F PA; M.R., female, wife, 27,married, keeping house; POB PA, POBM&F PA; Louder or Susan? , female,8, daughter, at school, single, POB Ohio, POBM&F PA; Frank A., male,12 ?, brother, single, POB Ohio, POBM&F PA. U. S. Census 1900 WoodCounty, Ohio, Weston Village, Page 258, Sheet 1, enumeration district163, Henderson, R., head, DOB May 1848, age 52, no. of years married27, POB Ohio, POBM PA, POBF Ohio; M.K., wife, DOB April 1853, age 47,no. of years married 27, mother of how many children 3, how manyliving 2, POB Ohio; POBM PA; POBF Ohio; Alice, daughter, DOB May 1887,POB Ohio, POBM&F Ohio. Henderson, Robert D. (I2273)
57 According to the recollections of Robert Henderson Sharp, Don was alawyer in Lima, Ohio. He had something to do with Ohio NorthernUniversity. He also had a son, Don, and was involved in politics inLima, Ohio. Henderson, Don C. (I2261)
58 According to the recollections of Robert Henderson Sharp, JamesHenderson was a physician who practiced in Weston, Ohio near BowlingGreen. He bottled and sold 'Henderson's Relief', a liquid preparationfor colds. Bob said that you poured it on sugar and then swallowed it.Bob said this concoction was sold in local drug stores. According toBob, James Henderson came to Bucyrus when he was old and very sick,probably to stay with his daughter, Maggie Jane. Bob believes that hedied in Bucyrus but is not sure. U.S. Census 1910 Ohio, Wood County,Weston lists James K. Henderson, 85, and his wife Susana, 86, ashaving been married 62 years. It states they had 9 children and 8 areliving. Both were born in Pennsylvania as were Susanna's parents. Theentry for James was hard to read- I think it says that his parentswere born in Ire (then a note over the top looks like Eng). There isalso something written in the column , Survivor of Union orConfederate Army or Navy, but I couldn't read it. Try to look atanother copy. Wood County, Ohio Atlas 1875-1912 (Gc. 977.101 W 85 wo)for Bloom Township lists Jas. Henderson, Post Office, Jerry City;Nativity, Pennsylvania; Business, Physician and Surgeon; Residence,Jerry City; Settled in Co., 1874; No. of Lot or Section, Blank. Sincethe 1880 US Census for Crawford County, Ohio indicates Maggie wasborn in Pa. and her birthdate is 1850, look for James Henderson in Pa.in the1850 US Census. Wood Co. Atlas indicates Henderson settled inWood County, Ohio in 1874. Perhaps they were in PA until then. Map inWood County, Ohio Atlas 1875-1912, of Milton Township, shows S.Henderson and Jane Ellsworth as owners of a small North East corner ofSection 23. U.S. Census 1900, Wood County, Ohio, Weston , page 264,sheet 7, lists Henderson, J. head, DOB Dec 1826 (NOTE :difference inthis date from family records.), age 73, years married 53, POB PA,POBM Ohio; POBF Ireland; Susana, wife, March 1824, 76, years married53; POB PA, POBM Germany, POBF Germany (NOTE differences in this from1910 Census.), mother of how many children 9; how many living 8; C.F.Buttles, boarder, March 1861, 39, single, House carpenter, all POBOhio; Wm. Weaver, boarder, March 1872, 28 single, day laborer, all POBOhio. U.S. Census 1880 _ Could not find James in Weston, Ohio. Needto look again when I am not so rushed. Henderson, James K. (I2268)
59 According to the recollections of Robert Henderson Sharp, John Cooperwas a horse trader and a very kind and nice man. The U. S. Census 1910lists him as the manager of a hardware store. We did not find hisgrave next to Maggie Cooper's in the Oakwood Cemetery in Bucyrus.Possibly he had a first wife and is buried with her? Notes in theSharp Family Bible kept by Maude Elsie Sherer Sharp state that JohnCooper died 13 February 1916, aged 73 years, 10 months, and 13 days. Cooper, John (I900)
60 According to the Sharp family Bible kept by Maude Elsie Sherer SharpNellie died 2 February 1895 at 1:00 P.M. on a Friday, aged 24 years,10 months, and 9 days. Stanley, Nellie (I4132)
61 According to The Story of Kilgore Goose Run and Mingo by Iona AlbaughBurrier, page 36, Mattie was real queer. Hogue, Mattie (I2341)
62 According to U.S. Census 1870, Madison Township, Vinton County, Ohio, Page 18, the William Sharp Family is living with Sanford Bowen, a 60-yea- old farmer, born in Connecticut.

Sanford R. Bowen died July 25, 1885 aged 77 years, 8 months, 28 days and Delight, wife of S. Bowen, died December 5, 1886 aged 75 years, 2 months, 27 days. They are buried in the Old Prattsville Cemetery in Vinton County, Ohio, and share one large tombstone. Thomas Sharp's will names Mary Alice Bowen, 17, granddaughter of decedent as an heir. 
Sharp, William A. (I3899)
63 According to Vivian Doney Reid she had 3 daughters. Place ofResidence: Juniata or Altoona, Pa. Hunter, Lillian (I2474)
64 According to Vivian Doney Reid 'Lettie' married at 16 years old. J.C. Doney told his daughter, Vivian Doney Reid, that when he andLettie were in school he would let her beat him in spelling bees. Doney, Lauretta 'Lettie' (I1592)
65 According to Vivian Doney Reid Jenny was horrible. I don't know whatshe meant by that. I later heard that she drank a lot. Jenny (I2546)
66 According to Vivian Doney Reid one family story was the gypsies triedto steal Aunt Rose, but Uncle Jake rescued her. The gypsies had her intheir sled and he jumped in the back and got her back. Frantz, Rose (I1890)
67 According to Vivian Doney Reid, Audrey died at approximately one yearof age. Horm, Audrey (I2414)
68 According to Vivian Doney Reid, Bernard died at approximately age 11/2 of the croup. Horm, Bernard (I2415)
69 According to Vivian Doney Reid, Bernice had no children. Bernice tookcare of Aunt 'Ollie' (nickname for Viola). Place of Residence: 476Thornycroft, Pittsburgh,PA. Horm, Bernice (I2416)
70 According to Vivian Doney Reid, Bill was a bachelor. Place of Residence: Rossiter, Pa. When William Simpson Reid and his wife, Vivian Doney Reid, visited the Doneys in Rossiter, William Reid used to go to the Brandon ? Hotel in Rossiter to visit William Hunter. He lived in this hotel. Hunter, William 'Bill' (I2496)
71 According to Vivian Doney Reid, Carmen was a very big woman. Shethinks Carmen also had two daughters. When Caroyl Reid lived inDallas, Texas, Vivian Doney Reid and Caroyl visited Carmen, who wasliving in a nursing home there. She had had evidently been brought toTexas by a son who lived there. Horm, Carmen (I2418)
72 According to Vivian Doney Reid, he was a crummy barber. The family joke was that the towel in his shop "made a good many miles." He said one time he was visiting the Doney's, Jenny will neve make me wear this straw hat again and he threw it in the fireplace. One time he cut Vivian Doney Reid's hair and almost scalped her. He chewed tobacco all the time. He seemed happy; he was always laughing and joking around. Doney, William (I1605)
73 According to Vivian Doney Reid, her great grandmother's name was RoseBarron. The name Magdaline Hartman came from a death certificate. Hartman, Magdaline (I2194)
74 According to Vivian Doney Reid, Isabel and Jack had no childrentogether. He had a son, Jack, by a previous marriage. Braughler, Jack (I670)
75 According to Vivian Doney Reid, June was the youngest child. She hadred hair and was not very pretty. Horm, June (I2421)
76 According to Vivian Doney Reid, Louis and Lydia had only one child,Emery. Louis and Lydia were separated and may have divorced. Accordingto Vivian Doney Reid, Louis died of scarlet fever or typhoid. Somesay Dr. Pringle killed him with the treatment - evidently they put icebags on him Frantz, Louis (I1887)
77 According to Vivian Doney Reid, Mildred had no children. Occupation:Nurse When her Grandfather, Daniel Doney, was sick, Mildred came fromDetroit and moved in with him and took care of him until he died. Horm, Mildred (I2423)
78 According to Vivian Doney Reid, one summer Ann came to visit herparents when they ran the boarding house. She brought several of herchildren with her. They all had whooping cough and were coughing andvomiting. Ann stayed for two weeks. Viv said it was great forbusiness- not too many people wanted to come to eat where there wereso many sick kids. Ann would come to visit each summer before schoolstarted so that Caroline could make school clothes for June. Viv alsorecalled that just after her arrival home from the hospital aftergiving birth to Susan, she heard a knock at the door. When sheanswered it there stood Ann with one of her grandchildren. They hadcome, 'unannounced', to help with the new baby. They stayed severaldays. Viv said they were a 'big help', and that everytime Ann wasn'taround she cried. Kromer, Ann (I2757)
79 According to Vivian Doney Reid, Peg was beautiful. Smith, Peg (I4056)
80 According to Vivian Doney Reid, Pete married and had a lot of kids.She thinks he lived in the Reynoldsville area. Horm, Calvin 'Pete' (I2417)
81 According to Vivian Doney Reid, Sam Hunter had two children. Place ofResidence: Portage and Dunlow, Pa. Samuel Hunter had throat cancerand had his voice box removed. He had just learned to talk when thecancer recurred and he did not survive. He used to write on a tabletbefore he learned to speak again. Hunter, Sam (I2486)
82 Acording to Robert Henderson Sharp may have lived in Weston, Ohio andmay have been in charge of the Railroad depot there. U.S. Census 1880,Wood County, Ohio, Village of Weston, page 267, sheet 10, Henderson,J.K., head, DOB July 1859 (NOTE difference in this date from familyrecords), 40, no. of years married 15, capitalist, POB PA, POBM&F PA;Anna E., wife, DOB April 1862, 38, no. of yeears married 15, mother ofhow many children 2, how many living 2, POB ohio, POBM Ohio, POBF PA;Clara F., daughter, DOB Sept 1885, 14, POB Ohio, POBM Ohio, POBF PA;Amy Belle, daughter, DOB Feb 1893, 7, POB Ohio POBM Ohio, POBF PA. Henderson, J. Kyle (I2267)
83 Actual diary entry that contains numerous errors (wrong age, transcription error on regiment number, etc.): "April 14, today I was awakened at four o'clock to lay out a dead man. His name was Bryan Davis, K. 28th Ill. wounded through the lungs. Since writing the above a man died. His name was John Denbow, 18 Ohio. He was upwards 77 years old. His son is also in the hospital; he is over 45 years old." Denbow, John (I1229)
84 Additional information: Was part-time preacher in Methodist church. Ran meat market as main job. This information is from a chart given to Rusell T. Arndts by Ruth Hurlbert. The chart is called the Paternal Family Tree. The word "Maternal" is crossed out and the word "Paternal" has been added. The 'Haldeman book' says, Ardelia Ester Haldeman was married in July 1879 to Frank Gigax, father of the bride, Dr. John S. Haldeman performed the ceremony in the Seventh Street Methodist Church in Zanesville, Ohio.

The name Gigax is of Swiss origin. Frank owned a grocery store in Zanesvile. Later moved to Fultonham. 
Gigax, Frank (I1978)
85 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2922)
86 Administered his father's estate in 1704, according to Barnes Report. Conveyed land to Abraham Jarrett (100 acres of Powell's Choice) on 9 May 1769. This was about one half of what he had owned. Thomas' wife Elizabeth consented to the transaction. Denbow, Thomas (I1434)
87 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3951)
88 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I140)
89 After coming the the USA, the spelling of the last name was changed in this branch of the family from GYGAX to GIGAX. Other branches maintained the Old World spelling. Gygax, Jacob (I2111)
90 After David was killed, Ruth moved her family by train to Adrian, Pa.'They lived in a house not far up the road on the left side from thebridge coming from Punxsy towards Adrian. The house is still there.'(Told to Lois Jean Edwards by her father, Alexander Paige Reid.) Ruthlived in Harmony, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania and died at age 52.She died in the Adrian Hospital in Adrian, Pennsylvania, one ofseveral hospitals named Adrian. She is buried in Circle Hill Cemeteryin Punxsutawney, Pa. Geraldine Reid Wonder said her father, Dave Reid,and others always said that none of Ruth Simpson's family came to theU.S. Ruth's wedding ring was in the possession of Jean Reid Edwards.Letter dated December 5, 1986 from Jean Reid Edwards to Caroyl Reid.'Dad (Alexander Reid) would tell, with a chuckle, of a time he wasplaying checkers with one of his brothers. He had a man to be madeking, so he said, 'Crown him KIng, Lord of All.' His mom (RuthSimpson) was passing by and heard this and without one word gave him aclout on his head that made him see stars. She then made a commentthat there was just 'one Lord of All' and never make a statement likethat again. Said by a good Presbyterian.' Could not locate Ruth Reidin 1990 Soundex - may because there were no kids in the householdunder 10. Simpson, Ruth (I4028)
91 After death of husband, spent time living with various children. Lived in Athens, Ohio, with son Carl for several years before going to California to be with daughters. Was talented in music; played the piano quite well. Was a most loving and caring grandmother. Gigax, Edna Esther (I1974)
92 after graduation from Miami he moved to Niles, Ohio joining his mother and his brother, Shorty. Bob taught History at Washington Junior High School for 3 years and he taught English at Niles McKinley High School for 2 or 3 years. Sharp, Robert Henderson (I3871)
93 Age at death-4 years. Frantz, Jacob G. (I1881)
94 Age at Death: 33 years. Scharff, Catharina (I3732)
95 Age at death: 73 years, 2 days. Buried in Row 15 of the Ringgoldcemetery, Ringgold Twp., Jefferson County, PA. Eve (I1792)
96 Age at death: 85 years, 19 days. Buried in Row 15 of the Ringgoldcemetery, Ringgold Twp., Jefferson County, PA. Book: TombstoneHopping by Patricia Steele, Holben, Elias, 85 years; married; died1/22/98 at Ringgold; old age; duration, 4 months; buried RinggoldCem., 1/26/98, Parents not given. Holben, Elias (I2359)
97 Age at Death: Died at about age 3 years; sometime after her sister,Agnes' death in 1912. Reid, Nellie (I3533)
98 Age at death: Died before her husband. Catharina (I802)
99 Albany Gap,Greene,Wisconsin,USA Bobo, Mary Lucretia (I584)
100 Alexander Paige Reed Obituary (1956) and some additional research notes from Susan Sharp are in exhibit. Reid, Alexander Paige (I3475)

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